Afrino Sheep Breeders' Society

Origin Of The Breed

The Afrino was the result of a breeding and evaluation project initiated at the carnarvon Experimental Station in the North Western Karoo following an identified need for a fertile white-woolled mutton sheep for extensive grazing areas.
Evaluations showed that a combination of 25% merino, 25% Ronderib Afrikaner and 50% Mutton Merino produced the best results and this formed the basis of the Afrino. The Afrino Breeders' Society of South Africa was established on 5 February 1980.

Afrino Qualities

Good fertility under sub-optimal environmental conditions

Excellent mothering abilities

High quality meat with an even fat distribution

Lambs do not accumulate fat at an early age - animals can therefore be marketed at a later age and higher body weight

Important Dates:

Piet de Lange sale
18 September 2015
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Torenskop Merino's & Sandbult Afrino's sale
12 Augustus 2015
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